Navicon International offers international transportation services through its strong structure with more tham 30 years of experience in the market.

It operates based in its offices located in Buenos Aires, Santiago and Sao Paolo, which are fitted with technological resources and equipment that allow for the digital integration of all the operations. These offices are the headquarters of the operation staff – highly skilled and strongly focused on customer service.

As N.V.O.C.C. operator, it handles more than 45,000 containers per year.
It operates in the main global traffic destinations through slot chartering of international shipowners, ensuring competitive prices, more safety & security, hold frequency, and a wide range of unparalleled services.

As an air operator, it transports an annual average of 2,300,000 kg. of cargo, in excellent cooperation terms with the main global airlines.

Navicon International
offers unbeatable operating conditions in five continents, including warehouse services, multimodal traffic, and other supplementary services.
It integrates and supplements its operations through Navinet International Global Network – network made up of agents with vast experience in global traffic.

The purpose of Navicon International is to provide the market of international transportation users with a service that satisfies the most demanding corporate needs, with technology, excellence, and the best market conditions.

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